Whitetail Deer – The hunting is done from over 70 ladder stands & blinds. All hunters can be accommodated & driven directly to stand by a UTV or dropped-off at a location where a walk to the stand with easily identified trail markers will guide you directly to the stand. ALL day sits are recommended as mid-day bucks are regularly caught on trail cameras.

Deer stands are strategically placed on highly traveled runways, natural funnels, ridges, field edges & foodplots. As the rut approaches, new stands are moved/hung to increase the opportunity at the ever-elusive Mature Buck.

Constant monitoring of trail cameras, many linked directly to cell phones, optimize the location of “Shooter” Bucks and hunters are moved accordingly to deer activity with  wind direction ALWAYS taken into consideration.

Later in the season supplemental feeding is increased as the bucks are thinking more about their need for food rather than the chasing of does during the rut.

SAFETY HARNESS IS REQUIRED! Many stands are also equipped with Lifelines to assist in your safety.


The hills/hollers & water have made this piece of property home to a large number of turkeys.  Birds are regularly scouted for the optimal hunting location.  Birds are also roosted at night to determine their location for the morning hunt.  Decoys & calls by Champion caller, Brian Campbell, will put you in the best chance for success at a large TOM.