Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to Bring?  Safety Harness (REQUIRED!), Personal toiletries, cooler to return your harvest home, appropriate hunting equipment following the Ohio DNR rules/regulations.  Scent elimination equipment/spray/detergent.
  • Hunting Conditions?  There is a variety of terrains on the property, rubber boots are preferred to minimize scent, although comfortable walking boots may be needed for more difficult walks.  Weather can vary drastically so clothing from below freezing to warm weather & raingear are suggested.  Scent Blocker/Scent-Lok gear is HIGHLY suggested.
  • Accommodations?  There are a variety of cabins you could be staying in.  Please see the Lodging Page for descriptions/accommodations.
  • Food? YES Breakfast pastries/bagels/fruit are available every day & Hot breakfast for those needing a hearty breakfast.  Sandwiches/snacks are available to make for an all-day sit.  Dinner is served when hunters return to camp.  Coffee/Pop/Water provided.
  • Guide Service?  Guides will take you to/from stands & help in recovery of your deer, field dress & process your deer at your request.
  • Best time to hunt?  Obviously the pre-rut/rut (Late OCT-Early Nov) is the best time to hunt as the bucks are cruising for any receptive does.  The early season can be quite successful as the bucks are in their summer time patterns.  The late season can be very successful due to the limited hunting pressure & the bucks routinely hitting food sources to replenish their weight loss from the rigors of the rut.
  • Any Trophy Fees?  NO, but there is a 130″ minimum antler requirement with a $1,000 fine levied on bucks scoring below that amount.  The money is used to invest in new property & food plots to increase your opportunity at a mature buck.